Cave completed

The day of closure has arrived L. I will miss my platform; it has become a place of friendship, of new developments and tranquilly (my little spot of paradise and an opening up of self). I have really enjoyed the experience of Second Life and its many facets.  It’s an amazing place filled with whatever takes an avatars fancy. I am not one to explore among the communities, the big love for me has been opening up my creativity, letting things flow and evolve.  It’s been amazing to have had this opportunity. I’m really excited to see where my next adventure leads me creatively. I feel it’s now the right time to move on from the Second Life environment but it’s one that will stay with me forever.

The cave has evolved to a place of peace and tranquilly, where Avatars can roam, relax and enjoy breakfast in the forest. Enjoy a picnic by the fire. Wander into the mediation cave and let the crystal’s power energise the soul. Sit upon the comfy cushions, take a load off and meditate (revitalize body mind and soul). Take a stroll to the whirl pool, sit on the cushions enjoying the sound of the water flowing and natures enchanting call. Fly over the cave and find the   hammock hiding under the trees, lay back and have a snooze. For some privacy head up to the bedroom cave lay down cuddle up in front of the fire or sit on the chairs enjoying a relaxing conversation with friends.

Creating the Cave has been a process. At times, I would become so involved creating content and experimenting with the many building elements. ‘Time was lost rolling from one hour to the next. To start with because the Second Life viewer was crashing a lot, I turned to trusty old imprudence. Unfortunately I had the build permission set to build allowance of 10 metres. Building the cave felt very restrictive and at times not very functional. I was unable to move freely inside the cave without the camera view zooming outside. R3dakted helped me to disable the max build constraints while I was trying to resize the lawn it would shrink even smaller. I continued to put up with the cave sizing of the caves until the last minute. They just didn’t feel functional to me. Giving a feeling of being closed in and unable to move inside the cave area has I would like. I’m happy with the result the only problem is it has also changed how the cave texture looks. I’m not as happy with this as the cave texture now looks more blurry. The Mediation cave entrance had been increased, the cave itself is bigger and easier to manoeuvre around in. The bedroom cave is a little bigger though in hind sight I now understand how important it is to plan and have measurement guidelines before starting. It would have been a lot easier to fix before the other elements were added.  Thanks to Isa and Arweena I have functional mediation cushions hurray. It was really challenging adjusting the scripts so Avatars were sitting them positioned correctly.  The original cushions were hard to let go of as they were my babies from earlier on in the MUV601 class. I realised I have evolved, my building have evolved and it was time for my meditation cushions to evolve to. The meditation cave has turned out to be awesome so happy with this part. My other highlight is the whirl pool this was created purely by accident. I really love the way the cushions are placed on rocks so Avatars can sit cross legged and enjoy the tranquility of the trees, with the water and nature sounds. I also love how the water flows in a whirl pool motion. The bedroom cave has been really challenging, I really love the bed and duvet cover with pillows. The table with lamp and cosy fire place it’s great. The only problem is when I initially planned it I had a picture in my head and draw a rough copy on paper outlining how I envision the cave creation to look like. The problem being I let my mind do the work and created the cave structure with no measurements allocated. When the Big cave was created the rocks I attached were placed and constructed inside and around the initial one creating an uneven cave floor. I have tried to lay the rocks flat now without losing the cave like effect. Next time I would like to start the cave, size it, have it functional and then place the rocks around. I would also create a flat floor with a cave texture allowing for cave like effects.  The waterfall has been a huge challenge lining it up, so the water fall flows into the pool without it looking disconnected. Initially I had the top and bottom around the wrong way. When the water flowed into the pool it looked very disjointed. It’s still not perfect though I’m happy with the final result.

It’s now time to say good bye and bring closure to the course and my content creation.

It’s actually feeling very sad to leave my platform; I think I will have withdrawals 🙂





Final touches of content creation

wow its been a ride!

What an amazing ride to date. ‘Wow I have totally loved this assignment’. At various moments it has absorbed my complete attention and focus.Where my whole thought process was consumed with details, images and ideas for creating my little piece of paradise (‘serenity and peace’) . The unfortunate consequence to my content creation  is my  total enthusiasm and one track mind mading it easy for me to withdraw and become unavailable  in the real world  ‘oops’ . This experience has been amazing and I have definitely grown and learnt a lot about myself. I have also relished how important balance is in my life and without it I’m not complete.  It has given me the ability to express myself creatively as me!  ‘who I wish to be not confined by expectation’. Its amazing , how second life has allowed me to flourish as myself, without restriction of social guidelines to barricade me in. Thank you Isa, Arweena and R3dakted and the MUV class of 2012.


A little more added

This is to reference to items added into build and not documented:
1) Cross legged script for cushions on water wall
2) Mediation pose ball  + Cut touch Script from Arweena
3) Slow Flowing water – Unknown
4) Water textured Anim – by DakedidiMiiles
4) particles script green and fire by DakedidiMiiles
5) Good morning table plus chairs by Ria Bazar
6) Fire small cuddle Beach by Soulmaterojoa

Content creation ‘is springing into life’

Welcome to ‘JossyVille’

The cave is transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly – it is finally having the feeling I was hoping for. One of serenity, to relax and just be in the moment.

Below I will take you through the new additions, how they have been created, object types, textures and other features added, sculpties used and scripts attached. To achieve the plants I have used 3 square prims, each crossing one another – this has become my template for the trees, ferns,  little catnip plants and purple bells. the different varieties are created from textures with alpha transparency’s  (to stop the box shape occurring). The texture for the Cattails 7 Seamless and Bell flowers are created by Holly Griggles. The fernbushgreen3 texture is created by Nimuel nightfire. With the fern plants and the green trees I have added flexible path to give the apparence of wind. To allow a truer aspect of nature to flow through.

I have created a picture table with a oval top and textures attached, the bench chairs are box objects. For the legs I decided to create uniqueness so the legs have been prim tortured (lots of fun). Table and Chair texture is Old Wood, Created by Newbietemplate Linden and owned by Alexandria Linden. 

Inside the big cave I have created a bedroom with mattress,  quilt and pillows the design is sculpted with a satin fabric, coloured with a little shade of purple.  The Sculpted image maps are created by Areku Shirakawa. The texture satin fabric used for the quilt and the mattress texture of fabric – Pink toile are created by Newbietemplate Linden and owned by Alexandria Linden.

I have had fun torturing prims and seeing what evolves there is the latent hanging from the tree. the string ray on the rocks, the water foundation sculpture in the cave rock pool. attached to the table is the lamp. and spiral creation as part of the table top. The lamp texture is Steel Plate created by Newbietemplate Linden and owned by Alexandria Linden. The Spiral attached to the table texture is called Mesh Gold created by See Nyle. The inside light is created from a cylinder shaped object with light added, full bright and glow of 0.10. The hanging light swaying around the white trees was created from a box prim tortured with cobblestone texture added created by Lucie and creator Ambrosia Messmer. Light and flexible path was added so the creation lights the area around the hammock and sways in the wind along with the white trees brought from Garden Oasis called the flowering dogwood tree and created by  MamaP Beerbau.  The string ray was created by rezzing a box shape,  clicking on sculpted under the object menu,  adding a image map from Jade leaf studio called Map 11  created by Ayuki Resident. The texture is called rail fancy 7 created by Gene Jacobs. The fish used as  a feature in the cave pond is prim tortured added with the texture called Art.tile 08 created by Jema flora.

I did create a wee hut/cottage then decided it didn’t fit the feel of the cave environment with its squareness. This area has now evolved into the water fall/pond region. Firstly I created a river which looked to big and encompassing for the area. From this point developed the whirl pool. This transformed into the a water fall flowing into the whirl pool. For the water fall feature I used a scultpy  (rezzing the completed version along side, to use the guidelines and see how the water flowed from the top of the rocks).  The area is  feeling really exciting  and basically finished. Minus a few more details, like adding scripting to the meditation cushions, creating the lamps and inserting the water fall script or maybe a moving texture.

The whirl pool rocks are scultpted by TA- Sculpted big Rocks set, description  Alexander Designs Description, Created by Mon Loon and the texture is Default set – Mountain created by Eric Linden and owned by Alexandria Linden.  The water fall feature the rocks2 image map and the sculp Water fall 2 Image map are both created by Nabrej Aabye.

    This is the  fire place situated in the cave bedroom – the base is created from a Sphere prim, the top is a cylinder prim,  added  texture called Stone Wall 1 created by See Nyle. The fire box comes from the treasure chest gifted from Arwenna Stardust at the bringing of Semester one. The fire box item with flame  created by John Linden.

Relaxing in the Hammock brought from the Market place. details New Hammock 2: Promo Item from the beach store and created by Paula001 Goldschein.

Aerial view of platform now called Jossyville :D.


I have unexpected movement surrounding me! Whats a girl to do?

Not sure whats going on currently. There appears to be unwanted movement occurring on my platform and on my blog posts. starting to get a complex. I’m currently working on my blog to fix the settings. Not sure what as occurred but it appears that all posts except the most current one appear unbalanced. very bizzare!

Arrrah unexpected movement

So completely frustrating !!!!! Not sure whats happening with the  placement of objects on the platform. Objects/items keep moving on me!  “arrrrah, I’m loosing my mind”. I’m now  being very delinquent and have  starting locking objects. The last occurrence was ‘the escape of the whirl pool’ I created it then went back a few days later and oh no the water had disappeared. Thanks  to R3dakted’s knowledge in Second Life and better camera use – it was found sitting beneath the grass object. Its has become my biggest bug bear with my building project. Just when I’m happy with placement of different items I return (think my eyes are deceiving me) to find things a little obscure.  Another whine (issue) is getting items just right or so I believe and then “oops” from another angle they view differently. Alter the object a little and

in a puff of smoke they disappear completely from sight. Has been a very time consuming and wonderful experience. I love every minute of it being on my platform  creating and experimenting its amazing. The only danger I face is getting lost in time and never returning to real time. The Cave creation it starting to take shape becoming the relaxing environment for,  lovers, friends groups to  hang out,  relax and chill out for a while to enjoy good honest conversations ‘LOL’.

a shack in motion

An impasse reached



Process Report

Cave design update

    Cave Design Process Report

The cave design is processing along nicely. I have needed to readjust a few rocks, for some reason when I come back into Second Life objects shift a little. Every time this occurs it’s extremely frustrating to remember how it was all placed. The funny thing is it looks better with every alteration. Allows me to look at the design from a different perspective. I’m learning the importance of camera use and zooming in to bring the finer details into alignment.

Another issue I have is the cave size. I will need to change lounge area and mediation room around. The cave placed by itself will become the lounge area.  Currently the area is to small to feel comfortable in. The camera look takes me outside the cave walls when I want to move around inside the cave. This make me feel displaced and a little disorientated. The intention to fix this is to add a box shape to the back of sphere object and cut an area out to increase the size of interior region.

Below are snapshots of the process to date.

Things to do

*Flowers on grass around cave.

* Lamps around outside of caves.

* lights inside mediation cave (there will be natural light flowing through the cave with lounge area).

* Still need mediation/sitting scripts.

* Look at softening pillows and giving cosy feel.

* Uploading some photo’s I have taken of Golden Bay farm land with mountains to hopefully use has meditation interior then add nature sound script.

* Struggling to figure out how to bring moving texture into creation.

Cave Content Creation Design

animations and scripts

My content creation is under way. I have struggled to translate the vision I see and feel onto paper. I have scribble a few plans down. The whole concept of creating floor plans is very challenging, when I have always found it hard to structure an idea. Maybe this is because I am unconventional and see things outside the box. When I started creating the cave I did so from the vision in my minds eye. I started to play around with ideas and have created a 1/3 of my content creation.  Yesterday I created my own trees, 

From object to tree

was fantastic. I assessed the way trees were made by studying   other tress. Looking at the amount of prims, the size coordinates, the textures and alpha transparencies and features (the wind factor). The way the boxes linked together. Then put a plan into action. I’m starting to understand the reasoning behind planing. I have needed to recreate different parts of my creation. Experiment with scripts and animations so they work well. With the water feature I have attached running water. It runs very quickly for a small water whole. To correct this I will  recreate the water feature and play around with the scripts and animations  before placing them back into position. The central cave also needed to be recreated. The cut script would not work correctly because of the linkage.  I needed to unlink the central cave (it remains unlinked) re-adjust its position and then just like magic the script works, Hurray!

the beginning


Playing with Scripts

Design plans 

This is my most recent vision evolving

One of the first plans (ideas) scribbled down on paper

Water feature contents  



Water Textures –Ripple Layer 1, Water Layer 2, Water Particle Mist (Eric Linden)

Prims sphere shapes

Script – Anim running water (Creator Dackedidi Miles)

Splashable water 1.5 Creator Jillian Callahan

Water Serenity (Nabrej Aabye, Atixx Ophiuchus)

Cave Contents  


Cave textures – Cave014 (BigJohn Jade) and Cave00

Cave Scultpies

TA Sculpted Big Rocks Set (Troy Alexander Designs, Created by Moy Loon)

Prim Sphere shapes and ovals

Tree Contents     

Street_007 On transparency (creator Anna Adamant)

Alpha Transparency

Prim 3 x box shapes

Mediation Map and cushions contents

Map texture – Atoll wood walkway bottom (Eric Linden, owner – Alexandria Linden)

Sphere Shape for map and cushions

Cushion textures – Fabric Satin, Fabric Zebra Skin (Creator –  Newbie Template Linden, owner – Alexandria Linden) and Wrap Wedding Roses (Jonqville Noir)

Cave coming along






The Cave is underway! I have created using a cave texture from Clare. I have created some rocks myself and add a little more shape have added sculpties. Unfortunately I forgotten to take step by step snap shots  of my process oops. I’m really enjoying it and feel its coming along nicely so far. I like the added water feature. I did not link so have a snapshot of this separate. Have not endeavor to set foot inside will be interesting to see how the joins affect the interiors structure. I’m really loving my platform the so many aspect that are reflecting my true es sense and its really exciting. I really love coming into SL just to hang out on my platform and relax or build.

Content Creation Initial Planning

There has been so many  ideas floating in my mind exploring different options on what I would like to create. Being that I’m not really a straight line creator. Building a house didn’t really resonate with me. The theme I keep visualising is: one of relaxation, meditation, a place of peace, mystery and illusion. I am really excited about the theme of a cave build.

I like this texture for the cave exterior

The initial planning is to have a cave like structure with lamps situated around and mystical statues (not 100%) just have pictures in my mind so far to how I visualize this all looking.  I will have a water feature running down the cave into a pool or some other kind of water feature (Clare has given me a great Idea to include the sound of water running  and  include a hidden door for access).  There will be a teleport area for Avatars to teleport into the interior of the cave.  For the interior of the cave I would like the appearance/ illusion of being outside in a magical environment (when inside have the feeling of being outside). There will be a  mediation mat and pillows for avatars to sit in lotus/mediation position. Areas to sit and relax. I have some lion sculpties to include inside and I would like to place mystical items around the teleport location outside or something similar inside. I’m not sure how I will bring this all together though do feel really excited. Clare has just given these wonderful cave textures which look fantastic and I will use.

I have started creating the exterior of the cave with a water feature on the outside. I have gone in search for water features, textures, animations and scripts. To have sound and water movements, I have also added mist to look like water splashing over the rocks and script to have the water flowing. I would like to create trees around the cave with a lot of greenery to give it the organic feel. My plan is to have a script that allows a secret door into the cave and access from a teleport spot that takes you inside.Once inside my aim is to have a place that allows for relaxation; a feeling of serenity. When Avatars approach the cave I also want to give the appearance of mystery – a place to explore or even sit on top of the cave and enjoy the view. I started with creating my own rocks with circles and defining them with the cave texture which looked great. I then decided to add sculpties to give a different element and shape to the exterior. I hoping that by using a lot of prims the interior is still workable especially since playing around with the exterior and leaving the interior I’m hoping the interior is still workable.

I plan to use two complex interactivity features:

1) The sitting of an avatar on a prim with the purpose of either “seating” and “teleporting the avatar.

2) Prim movement through scripting

3) The use of at least three textures with transparency

4) An animation texture

5) An instance of a prim with light

6) The use of at least two sculpties

7) An appropriate particle system.



lamp making

ImageAnother evening of experimenting and its been a really awesome night. traveling outside the square and just letting the creative flow move me. hurray for Second Life where I can enjoy exploring the creative  side of myself.  its truly amazing! “love it”.

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